About us

At Maya Diseño y Moda / Reciclaje you will find shapes, colors and textures of different elements -some recycled- that are combined and fused to turn them into what motivates us the most, creating designs with essence and history inspired by our roots, our land, nature and the universe.

I am Maya, Ecuadorian designer and craftswoman, founder of the Maya Diseño y Moda / Reciclaje brand. I was born in Cañar, a province of the same name, in the south of Ecuador. But for 19 years I moved to Quito where I live with my family and I founded my atelier located near the traditional La Ronda neighborhood.

My identity was built from my childhood in Cañar where Cerro Narrío is located, which is an indigenous cemetery and on its top you can find pieces of clay pots with pre-Hispanic symbols. The figures that were represented there always caught my attention, so my creations are related to the aboriginal symbolism that I found in the clay pots. For me this has a huge meaning that connects with my identity and my culture.