About us

At Maya Diseño y Moda / Reciclaje you will find shapes, colors and textures of different elements -some recycled- that are combined and fused to turn them into what motivates us the most, creating designs with essence and history inspired by our roots, our land, nature and the universe.

Welcome to my creative and sustainable world! My name is María Ángeles Hernández , and I am the founder of Maya Design and Fashion / Recycling. Let me share with you how my passion and love for sustainable fashion led me to undertake this wonderful project.

From a very young age, I always felt a special connection to fashion and creativity. During my childhood, I used to spend hours playing with threads, fabrics and all kinds of materials that I found around me. It was at that moment that I discovered my passion for weaving and transforming everyday objects into pieces of art.

As I grew older, my passion for fashion intensified, but my awareness of the environmental impact of the textile industry also increased. It was then that I decided that I wanted to follow my dream of designing fashion, but in a different and sustainable way.

The inspiration for Maya Design and Fashion / Recycling came from my childhood and the ties I had with my culture and traditions. My mother and aunt were experts in the art of weaving, and their skills have always fascinated me. I decided to take that ancient knowledge and combine it with my passion for sustainability to create something unique and special.

So, without having more than my crochet and yarn, I embarked on this exciting adventure. My first designs were necklaces made with materials such as seeds, cloth, copper, and paper. Each piece was a small work of art that was imbued with my childhood and my connection with nature.

Over time, I was discovering new techniques and organic and inorganic materials. Each color, texture and aroma inspired me to continue exploring and merging what nature gives us with what we humans have: our hands and our minds.

One of the most important moments in my journey towards sustainable fashion was spending three years with artisans in Parque Cumandá. It was here where my craze for looking for shapes, colors and textures intensified. Through these encounters and trips, I discovered that I could live what I was passionate about while contributing to society and the planet.

The path has not been easy, but each obstacle has been an opportunity to learn and grow. I have had to face the world of traditional fashion and its challenges, but my commitment to sustainability and the reuse of materials has always pushed me to keep going.

Every piece I create at Maya Design and Fashion / Recycling is a testament to my evolution as a designer and my firm belief in sustainable fashion. Each recycled material used is an act of love towards our planet and a connection to my roots and my childhood.

My goal is to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable fashion and show that we can improve our world by giving things a second life. I want to inspire other women to explore their creativity and adopt more responsible practices in their daily lives.

I invite you to be part of this beautiful journey towards a more conscious and ethical fashion. Together, we can create a future where fashion and sustainability go hand in hand, and where each piece tells a love story for nature and our planet.

Thank you for accompanying me on this exciting journey.

Welcome to Maya Design and Fashion / Recycling!